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April 5, according to Taiwan\'s \"United Daily News\" reported that Taiwan, a male colleague Li Yan Xing Nvzai and flirt, find Yan Li\'s wife husband woman caught rape cooperation, but also having an affair; two wives seek mutual Advertisement compensation, the Taiwan High Court that the first serious female derailed heavier responsibility, strict woman sentenced to pay 600,piumini peuterey,000 yuan Li\'s wife (NT, the same below),abercrombie & fitch, Li Yan female wife lost 300,000 yuan, the case is rendered. Two couples mutual control nuisance family,abercrombies, prejudice secrets,bonnes affaires, libel and other criminal lawsuit are eligible for non-prosecution action. In addition to being part of a civil court case filed for divorce and two v Pei, another two lawsuits; Li Yan Female Male sue his wife and husband claims case, the Taipei District Court recently sentenced Yan Li\'s wife and daughter husband related compensation 150,000 yuan strict anti-sue woman husband and wife Lee M case is still under court proceedings. The decision stated.

a 63-year-old man collapsed in massage parlors,scarpe hogan, due to a large area of intracranial hemorrhage, died. After the incident, there are rumors that the incident massage parlors engage in unfair business, the family requested apprehend massage woman justice. 26,hollister pas cher, police responded that, after a preliminary investigation,abercrombie soldes, there is no evidence that the elderly are in prostitution fainted during the incident is still under investigation. Old man fell to the ground, straight forehead sweating The incident is located in Loudi City Louxing dong new markets,abercrombie milano, a number of unnamed Oxford Road 679 in massage parlors. \"The old man lying on the ground.

Yan Xing Nvzai between 2010 and married an affair colleague Mr Lee, Lee\'s wife found her husband often beat the computer in his study late into the night, pressed that derailed her husband, the husband notification strict woman caught rape cooperation in the investigation, and is located in Lee M with buildings Xindian District,sneakers zanotti homme, New Taipei City B & B at the B & B, the nearest gathering evidence; not expected to find female Yan Li\'s wife appeared with Lee M anti gathering evidence, and finally brought before the court. Li\'s wife to sue claims, she and her husband after 12 years of marriage courtship, the original happy, because strict female lead to marriage. After the incident she not eat,barbour france, weight 15 kg lean violence, two son also cried every day for fear of homelessness,hollister roma est, harm she had depression does not work and demanding compensation for 1.6 million yuan female spirit console the gold. Yan female counterclaim argued that Lee\'s wife to her husband every day greetings, as if men and women in love,barbour lyon, she found her husband gathering evidence from the record tryst including \"wife swap? Or swap husband?\", \"We are participating in wife-swapping club ah!\" More shot They touch the buttocks, kissing, nothing to fall back Brief Encounter,zanotti femme, Lee\'s wife lost her only two million yuan spirit should console the gold. Each party to pay the other side of First Instance judgment of 10 million,hogan rebel, both of whom appeal; the court held that the first serious derailment derailment woman found her husband suffered mental damage,hollister outlet, less than the first betrayal of her husband Lee\'s wife, should pay more. (Original title: Taiwan a lawsuit affair: grab rape becomes adultery first derailment lose some more) (EdiJune 26, Loudi hole into new markets, the incident massage parlors have been closed for several days. Map / reporter YangRed Net News Loudi June 27 (rolling news reporter Xiao Yang Gui) June 21,barbour france, within Loudi dong new markets.

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